Arena Schedule


For more information on ice times and availability, it is best to contact our Arena Office by email as we have minimal staff, and are not always working in an office environment. We recommend you book a minimum 2 weeks in advance. Please note the building offices are closed after May 26. Those that have requested times for ice starting in the Fall will be contacted after HRM has made their decisions about the ice surfaces at the end of June to mid-July.

Please note we will not be having any large events in the arena this year due to renovations and a limited number of staff. Due to limited staff we can not do rentals that require Skate guards. There are fees for extra nets, 2 are available with regular rental. 

Due to renovations, a new entrance to the Team rooms is being put in and the elevator is inaccessible. 


Price (includes HST)

 Winter Ice; Sept. 11, 2017 - April 2018

6am – 12noon

and 1:30pm - 4pm

(Monday to Friday)

$134.00 per hour

12noon to 1:30pm

(Monday to Friday)

$144.00 / session

4pm to 10:30 pm

(Monday to Friday)

$242.00 per hour


10:30 to close

(Monday to Friday)

$150.00 per hour


$242.00 per hour

*Early morning and late night fees do not apply on Weekends
NSF Fee $30
Extra Nets $10 per net